Payment Policy

Medical services are provided and billed by Medical Clinic. Our providers participate in most all of the major health insurance plans in the region. Following are the health plans which we currently accept.

If your plan is not listed, we will be unable to file a claim on your behalf. However, we can provide you with a form that you can submit to your insurance company to instruct them to send reimbursements directly to you.

Please be aware that with any health plans, there may be deductibles and copayments for which you could be responsible.

We accept Medicare

Questions About Your Bill

What billing or insurance information will I receive?

You will receive a copy of your bill. After your insurance has paid, we’ll provide you with a monthly statement of your account.

How long will it take to get things settled with the insurance company?

Generally, it takes from 45 to 60 days to obtain payment from an insurance carrier.

Why am I getting bills from physicians?

Each physician who provides professional services will send you a separate bill from his or her office. These physicians will include:

  • your own physician
  • other physicians who conducted tests and procedures
  • consulting physicians chosen by your primary physician to read and interpret test results.

These physicians may include specialists in anesthesiology, cardiology, emergency medicine, nuclear medicine, pathology, radiology, or urodynamics. You will be responsible for paying these bills as well.

I received a notice that my insurance company has paid on my bill — but I can’t understand how they calculated their payment amount. Do you know?

If we have received any such information from your insurance company, we’ll be glad to share it with you. However, for answers to any questions about insurance payments, deductibles, or co-payments, you generally need to check with your insurance company.

Health Plans

  • AARP
  • Advanced Paradigm
  • Aetna
  • Agility
  • Anthem Rx
  • Argus
  • Blue Cross/Shield Michigan
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Blue Cross of California
  • Blue Shield CA
  • Blue Shield of Illinois
  • Blue Shield Medicare Rx
  • Blue Shield of California
  • Blue Shield/Cal-Optima
  • Cal-Optima
  • Capital Health Plan Prim T
  • Care 1st
  • Caremark
  • Caremark – PHS
  • Caremore Part D
  • Catalyst Rx
  • Catamaran Cigna Hltspng
  • Central Health MC Part D
  • Cialis Promise Program
  • Cigna
  • Citizen Choice Part D CVS
  • Community Rx CVS Caremark
  • Crane Catamaran
  • Easy Choice Medicare Rx
  • Envision Medicare
  • Envision Rx
  • Express Scripts WCOMP
  • Family Pact Med-Cal
  • First Health Medicare
  • Foundation Health Plans
  • Great-West Health Care
  • Health Net Medi-Cal CVSC
  • Health Net Part D Caremark
  • Healthnet Orange Part D
  • HNet
  • HNet Brand New Day
  • Humana
  • ID Medicare
  • Inland Empire Health Plan
  • LA Care Healthy Family
  • LA Care Healthy Family
  • Magellan Rx Manage
  • Mckesson Loyalty
  • MD Care CVS Caremark
  • MD Care CVS Caremark
  • Med Impact Care 1st
  • Medi-Cal Online
  • Medicare/California
  • Med-Impact
  • Medi-Share
  • Mim Health
  • Molina Health Care California
  • Molina Medical
  • Navitus – WPS Health Ins
  • Optum
  • Pacific Care/Medicine
  • Patient Choice
  • Pharmacy Gold
  • Prescription Solutions
  • Presumptive Medical
  • Prime Therapeutic
  • Regence Blue Classic
  • Rx Data Management
  • Rx Solution
  • Scan
  • Symphonix
  • Silverscript Caremark
  • Tmesys MSA
  • Transamerica
  • Trial Card
  • United Health Care
  • Us Script
  • Wellcare MC
  • Wellpoint-Proserv
  • Wholesale Benefits Club
  • Workmans Comp

Please inquire if not listed.